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Not the best of starts weather wise to our Christmas collections. High winds and driving rain meant that everyone, except Christine who was driving, ended up cold and wet. To make matters worse the speakers fell off the sleigh reducing our music output.

Nevertheless several children still braved the weather to come out and say hello to Santa and we raised just over £200. Tonight we are out again with the possibility of high winds. We will be visiting Perch Avenue, Grantley Drive, Pendrell Close, Conway Road, Stapleton Drive, Fencote Avenue, Elmore Close, Hadfield Way and Anstey Croft in Chelmsley Wood. I’ll let you know how we got on tomorrow.

Lion Simon Moss

@simonhmoss @MarstonGnLions @lions105m @lionsclubsorg

640 miles travelled so far as 2nd VDG

200 hours since 1 July 2011 on Lions’ business

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Over the next few days I will update this post with details of Marston Green Lions Christmas activities so come back often to see how we’re doing.

It all started on Saturday when I travelled down to Gaydon to collect the Land Rover generously loaned to us by Jaguar Land Rover. Having got it back the first thig I noticed was that this year we had no roof rack to mount our speakers on. After consulting with our handyman, David, we decieded to mount the speakers on the sleigh which I did on Sunday morning


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Oh dear! When I wrote my last blog I honestly intended to be more diligent in writing the next issue but here we are almost three weeks later.

Since the last post I’ve had a number of meetings, club, zone and committee, as well as attending Worcester’s charter anniversary. As all of these were similar to other events I have blogged about I shan’t waste your time going into detail. I will, however, mention the last district cabinet meeting on Sunday 27th November, the day after the charter dinner. Christine and I made the sensible decision to leave the charter at a reasonable time but some carried on partying until the early hours of Sunday morning. 1st Vice District Governor Paul still made it to cabinet by 9am but others who will remain nameless were seen sneaking in at 11am faces covered by dark glasses. The meeting itself was a good one with lively debate where required and an excellent presentation at the end on long rabge planning by yours truly and Paul. Our 5-year plan is, at last, up and running.

I‘d like to spend the rest of this post telling you about my club’s Christmas activities and some of the work that goes into making them happen.


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