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The last few days Lions’ activities have all been about change. The Lions’ year runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June so we are approaching the end of the current year and looking forward to the new one.
On Tuesday of last week was the last meeting of this year’s DG Team. Present were this year’s District Governor, Martin, his first and second Vice District Governors, Neil and Paul, and me as second Vice District Governor Elect. Much of the meeting was taken up with trying to help Neil fill the remaining places on his cabinet for next year.


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A trip to Belfast


Christine outside the Waterfront

The weekend of 6,7,8 May was the convention of the British Isles and Ireland Lions hosted by Belfast Lions Club. Christine and I flew out from Birmingham early on the Friday morning arriving at Belfast City Airport around 8am. We got to the Premier Inn in Alfred Street around 9am and were pleasantly surprised that we could check in straight away.


...and me inside

With registration not opening until 2pm we were able to spend a pleasant morning and early afternoon wandering around Belfast City Centre. We finally got to the Waterfront, the venue for convention, around 4pm, signing in and picking up our packs. We then had a quick look around the various stands that had been set up and picked up some information on the Young Leaders in Service programme, a signature project for the coming year. (more…)

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Apologies for the time since the last blog but two extended weekends with friends and family had to come first. in the three days in between I went to three very different meetings to do with Lions.

Tuesday evening was the last Long Range Planning Committee meeting of the Lions’ year. This is the committee that I will be chairing from July as 2nd Vice District Governor. I’m happy to say that we now have a completed the first version of the new five year plan for District 105M. I will reveal more once it has been published but I can say that it covers the areas of Membership, Service Activities and district administration.

On Wednesday it was my club’s social meeting. Earlier in the year we started the My Ideal Club process to review our activities and structure. This week we reviewed the output from the earlier exercise. A smaller than expected group of us reviewed the feedback on events and service activities. The draft plan that we formulated will be presented to our next business meeting.

Finally on Thursday I attended the last Finance and Administration Committee meeting of the Lions’ year. I will be on this district committee next year and, if all goes to plan, chair it the year after. It is a fairly dry committee but vital to the smooth running of the district and its finances.

Coming up this weekend is Multiple District Convention in Belfast so next week their should be reports of much fun and fellowship.

Lion Simon Moss
@simonhmoss @MarstonGnLions @lions105m @lionsclubsorg

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