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N is for Nepal

For those of you who have been following my A to Z of Lions we have now reached N. Before publishing what I had originally uploaded I thought I would share this account of the work the Lions have been doing in response to the earthquake in Nepal from Past International Director Naresh Aggarwal.

Earthquake Devastation in Nepal

(Visit by PID Naresh Aggarwal)



Every story worth telling has a hero, a villain and a message. It may tell us about specific people, but it teaches us something about what we all are really like.



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Busy times since my last post. District Convention at Sandwell was an excellently organised by Sandwell Lions Club and well chaired by District Governor Ian. I had a fairly low key role, helping out with the audio visuals and, as stated in my last post, delivering the invocation and in memorium. (more…)

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