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lciconSo here I am about to start the next leg of the journey of my life as a Lion. On Monday 29th June the current Council Chairman will handover to me and so begins a year as the chairman of Lions Clubs International for the British Isles and Ireland. This handover will take place at the British Isles and Ireland Reception at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Hawaii which is where I am writing this from now at 4am local time. Unusually for me my body clock has not adjusted to the 11 hour time difference between here and the UK.

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For those of you who have been following my A to Z of Lions we have now reached N. Before publishing what I had originally uploaded I thought I would share this account of the work the Lions have been doing in response to the earthquake in Nepal from Past International Director Naresh Aggarwal.

Earthquake Devastation in Nepal

(Visit by PID Naresh Aggarwal)



Every story worth telling has a hero, a villain and a message. It may tell us about specific people, but it teaches us something about what we all are really like.

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Busy times since my last post. District Convention at Sandwell was an excellently organised by Sandwell Lions Club and well chaired by District Governor Ian. I had a fairly low key role, helping out with the audio visuals and, as stated in my last post, delivering the invocation and in memorium. Continue Reading »

Among the highlights of my life as a Lion in the last month have been two visits to the Palace of Westminster. The first was to attend Lions day with the UN and the second was my first official duty representing Lions Clubs International, British Isles and Ireland, as a guest at Rotary International’s Champions of Change awards.

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A new challenge

I‘m back after too long away with a new challenge in “My Life as a Lion”. But first I’d better bring you all up to date.

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April and May

140426 - Charter - Kingswinford and Sourbridge - 004 - Simon140510 - IMG_2274In an effort to bring this blog right up to date I’m going to cover April and May’s activities in one post.

Things have slowed down somewhat since District Convention in March due mainly to the planning of club visits to occur before then. Nevertheless April saw a number of charter anniversary dinners and my participation in the Shakespeare half-marathon and May contained Multiple District Convention in Manchester, the final Council of Governors and district cabinet meetings, two more runs and the first meetings of the MD Convention 2015 host committee of which I am chairman.

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This is the third and final part of my catch up and covers the end of March including District Convention in Solihull.


140322 - 018 - DSC08109The District Convention should be one of the highlights of a District Governor’s year and Convention at Solihull certainly tops my list. I must thank everybody involved in making it happen and everyonewho turned up and took part. Continue Reading »

This is the second of three posts bringing my blog more or less up to date. Part One covered February and this post will cover the beginning of March


IMG_1767March started with a run of club visits and charter anniversaries but the highlight of the first half was the UN Day at the Houses of Parliament.
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It has been such a long time since my last post that I am having to split this catch up into three parts. Part one will cover February’s activities, Part two the beginning of March including UN Day at the Houses of Parliament and Part three the end of March including District Convention.

So let’s start with February, a month of club visits, charter anniversaries and my third cabinet meeting.
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January activities

Once again some time has passed since my last post but this time it’s more because the end of December and the beginning of January were fairly quiet.

New Year with my Club

New Year with my Club

As far as Lions activities are concerned the only one in December was New Year’s Eve when a group from my club went to the Marston Farm Hotel for a night of eating, drinking and dancing. At the beginning of January there were two club activities, an indoor duck race and a visit to the Panto, before Christine and I took a well deserved break in Lanzarote with a couple of friends.
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